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The wildly expensive Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II are less pricey than usual this Black Friday

The year’s biggest shopping day is (almost) here, and while many major US retailers have been running all sorts of special “Black Friday” sales for several weeks now, you can be just about certain the latest holiday promotions kicked off by the likes of Amazon and Best Buy will not get any better in the very near future.

Marketed as the “world’s best noise cancelling in-ear headphones”, the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, for instance, are discounted for the first time ever by both aforementioned retail giants. Only released a couple of months ago at an obscenely high $299 list price, these bad boys can currently be purchased for 50 bucks less than that, which… doesn’t exactly qualify as a life-changing deal.
Bose claims Apple, Samsung, and even Sony’s best true wireless earbuds have nothing on the active noise cancellation technology of the QCE II, which also boast unrivaled “all-day” comfort (at least on paper), decent (albeit not industry-leading) IPX4 water resistance, solid battery life of up to 24 hours (with the wired charging case taken into consideration, of course), and perhaps more importantly, high-fidelity audio.
In reality, it has become incredibly hard to set the three or four big contenders for the title of best wireless earbuds in the world apart in terms of overall sound performance and even noise-cancelling capabilities, so your choice ultimately comes down to your favorite brand, design, and budget. If the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II happen to best suit your preferences, now’s probably the time to pull the trigger and save a few bucks.

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