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You can now (unofficially) add 32-bit support to your Pixel 7 phone

Google Pixel 7 display outdoors

Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • Developers have created solutions to enable 32-bit app support on the Pixel 7 series.
  • These hacks require your phone to be rooted.

Both solutions are modified versions of the Magisk rooting software tool, and basically flip a switch for 32-bit support. This is possible because Google has disabled 32-bit support in the Pixel 7 firmware rather than removing it altogether. Furthermore, the Tensor G2 processor still supports 32-bit operations.

Do you care if your phone doesn’t have 32-bit app support?

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It’s worth noting that your Pixel 7 series phone needs to be rooted for these solutions to work. So you might want to avoid them if you don’t have any experience with system tinkering of this nature. Additionally, these aren’t exactly polished workarounds and so you might run into issues down the line.

We’re nevertheless glad to see 32-bit support (unofficially) returning to the Pixel 7. The vast majority of Play Store apps indeed offer 64-bit versions and so most people shouldn’t have any issues with a 64-bit-only phone. But those wanting to play abandoned games, install niche apps, or run older apps from third-party repositories will want to check this out.

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