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Xiaomi-backed automobile startup China Car Custom announce their first electric sports car- Technology News, Firstpost

An automobile startup backed by Xiaomi called China Car Custom announced that they will be joining other major manufacturers to make an EV in China. To that effect, the company unveiled the prototype of its first electric sports car.

Xiaomi-backed automobile startup China Car Custom announce their first electric sports car

Xiaomi launched its first electric vehicle, an electric scooter in 2016, and has been trying to get into the electric car business for years. Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced that they will be investing about $10 billion over the next ten years in electric car manufacturing and that by August they should be in a position to unveil the prototype of their first electric car.

However, economic crises and continuous COVID lockdowns and logistical issues seem to have delayed Xiaomi’s own electric car launch. One thing that Xioami has done that will greatly benefit them in the Chinese EV race is their investments in a number of design and engineering and battery startups that aim to service automobile manufacturers. CCC or the China Car Custom is one such startup.

The first electric car that CCC is coming up with will be called the SC01, and it will be a two-seater, 2-door sports car, powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 320kW or 429hp roughly. It will have a 0-100kmph figure of 3.9 seconds, which for a car that will weigh under 1300 kilograms is impressive.

Xiaomi and CCC hope to set a starting price of  just $42,000 or roughly 300,000 Yuan. Although the company plans to start manufacturing next year, with deliveries to commence before the end of 2023, orders are already being taken.

Design-wise, the SC01 looks inspired by another concept car called the Lancia Stratos 2010. Lancia, at one time in history, was one of the most coveted sports car makers, nearly as popular as Ferrari, especially in rally cross. The Stratos 2010 was supposed to mark the comeback of Lancia in the world of sports cars.

CCC benefited from Xiaomi’s investment to the tune of tens of millions of Yuan. Interestingly enough, CCC was responsible for building the drivetrain of the WM Weltmaister that was claimed to be able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.8 seconds.

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