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Worried about hidden trackers? Here’s how you can delete them- Technology News, Firstpost

Your phone is exchanging data as long as it is turned on. This occurs regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android device. Cookies are the digital footprints you leave behind. When you visit a webpage, a first-party cookie is generated and saved in your browser.

Worried about hidden trackers Here’s how you can delete them

You won’t need to enter your login information or shopping cart again because it saves those details. Although helpful, cookies can also be annoying. Companies use cookies to keep track of your online activities. They’ll even do it on a different website than the one you’re on.

Cookies are treasured by advertisers as they enable the customisation of the advertisements you see. Your likelihood of clicking on the advertisements increases if they are appealing to you, which results in a more significant return on investment.

Through your browser, you can disable third-party cookies and other invasive tools. If you want to prevent advertisers from tracking your online activity, you need to know about AdChoices and WebChoices.

How to use AdChoices and WebChoices:

AdChoices is a service of the Digital Advertising Alliance, a collection of advertising and marketing businesses that self-regulate to give users alternatives for targeted advertising.

Steps to follow:

  • Search for the tiny AdChoices icon if you see an advertisement online. It appears to be a blue triangle with a small “i” in the centre.
  • To learn more, modify, or block an advertisement, click on that “i”. You will recognise it when you see the mark because not all advertisers take part in the programme.

WebChoices is a tool that can be found under AdChoices. This service enables you to withdraw your consent from numerous companies at once. It only functions for companies that take part in the programme, just like AdChoices.

Steps to follow:

  • Visit
  • In order to determine whether first-party and third-party cookies are enabled, Web Choice will scan your browser and computer. If you use the tool, you’ll also be able to see which companies you’ve already decided against.
  • When the status check is finished, click continue to see which companies are using targeted advertisements by visiting the Optimizing Ads on Your Browser page. If it says “Yes,” check the box next to the “get out off” column to withdraw your consent from that company.
  • Alternatively, you can select every option by choosing Exit All.
  • Click “Submit Your Choice” after making your decision.
  • After the website has processed your choice, you can view the results by clicking View updated results.

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