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Why we’re waiting until Amazon Prime Day to buy the Fire TV Cube

Amazon has just opened its US pre-orders for the Fire TV Cube at $119.99 (no details on a UK release yet) and it looks like another fantastic piece of kit. But when we’re this close to Amazon Prime Day 2021, we’d certainly wait before taking the plunge.

Ready for Prime Day?

There will of course be plenty of other deals on a huge range of items on Prime Day 2020. To find out what sort of bargains to expect, along with dates and times to get the best deals be sure to check out our guide to Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Why? Well, just in-case you didn’t notice last year, Amazon loves to discount its own products on Prime Day. Admittedly, they also get a few timed-discounts throughout the year, but the best ones are reserved for the biggest sales event of the summer.

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