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Want to use this cool feature on your Android device? Here’s what you can try- Technology News, Firstpost

People all over the world are thinking of acquiring the iPhone 14 Pro series for the dynamic Island feature, which has significantly changed the global smartphone industry. The feature transforms the display’s pill-shaped cutout notch into a notification bar that you can utilise to manage apps and system settings. The notch has received a lot of criticism in the past, but “Dynamic Island” appears to have significantly mitigated that complaint.

Dynamic Island_ Want to use this cool feature on your Android device_ Here's what you can try

However, the cost is always a factor to consider when purchasing an iPhone. There can be many reasons why an Android user would not want to move to an iPhone, aside from cost. Many Android users can’t help but feel they’re missing out on something now that this new feature is making headlines and creating quite a stir. Given that “Dynamic Island” is really a little bit of software, it didn’t take long for app creators to create a solution akin to it for Android devices.

A free app called dynamicSpot from the Google Play Store can provide any Android phone with a notch or pill-shaped cutout. The setup for the programme will take some time, but after you’re done, you’ll have your very own Dynamic Island, complete with app support for the applications you choose and multitasking support for when you have several tasks running simultaneously.

Steps to use Dynamicspot:

  • You can find a free version of the DynamicSpot app on the Google Play Store. Download and install the app by searching for “dynamicspot” in the Play Store.
  • When you first install the programme, click the bottom-right ‘Next’ button to go to the permissions page.
  • Tap on each component to grant the app access to display notifications from particular apps, view incoming notifications, and more on the top of the screen.
  • When you’re finished granting access, click “Done” at the bottom of the screen.
  • From the home page, select Popup settings > Dimensions. Slide the three sliders until the pill is properly aligned with the notch or pill on your phone.
  • Check out the additional settings as well, which allow you to customise things like how the island responds when you tap outside of it and additional bubbles for multitasking.

Notably, for advanced features like setting the single tap and long press actions as well as for putting the island on the lock screen, you will require the Pro edition of the app, which costs Rs 99.

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