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Video of a man flying using a jetpack to deliver food goes viral- Technology News, Firstpost

Last mile logistics is seeing some pretty nifty innovations and leaps these days, especially in the Gulf and in India. A video of a man flying using a jetpack to deliver what appears to be food has been going viral the last couple days.ย 

Only In Saudi Arabia_ Video of a man flying using a jetpack to deliver food goes viral

The question is, is the video real, or a cleverly edited one?

Social media users have shared a video clip of a man in jetpack delivering item at a highrise in Saudi Arabia. The video shows a man using an engine or a jetpack to fly and move rom one tower to another to deliver an order.

The global food delivery industry is growing by 10 per cent annually, and the size of this market is expected to reach $365 billion by 2030.

Coming back to the video, while some people believe the video to be true, it actually is a very cleverly and cheekily composited video of a food delivery business, using a drone to deliver their orders.

While deliverymen using jetpacks to deliver stuff like groceries and food seem farfetched for now, even for some of the richest countries in the world, drone-based deliveries are an ever-growing reality.

Drones being used to deliver goods solves a major chunk of the issues that logistics companies face in last-mile logistics.

As cool as it looks, using deliverymen in jetpacks to deliver menial goods isnโ€™t exactly economical. Thereโ€™s the cost of the manpower required to setup the jetpack, the fuel, and the wages of the delivery man, not to mention the lengthy regulatory clearances and the required insurances.

The video and the CGI, are believed to be a part of an upcoming advertising campaign of a local food delivery business.

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