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The best desktop computer deals of October 2022

HP Pavilion Gaming PC 2021 Promo Image

Many people have turned to laptops for their work-from-home setups, but desktop computers are also a sensible option. They aren’t as easily portable, but they’re often superior for heavy-duty tasks like gaming and video editing. We’ve put together some of the best desktop computer deals currently available for your home office.

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Desktop computers are far easier to open up and upgrade than laptops, but we’re not going to dig into the best upgrades here. This list mainly focuses on towers, though there are a few all-in-ones as well.

 1. Standalone desktop deals

desktops under 500 acer cover

A normal standalone desktop computer is what the majority of users are likely to be seeking. The choice can be daunting though — they vary wildly in terms of size, performance, and expandability. We’re naturally drawn toward the best deals, but we’ve made an effort to include options to suit a wide gamut of needs and budgets.

 2. Gaming desktop deals

Maingear R1 Razer Edition best gaming PC desktops

As good as gaming laptops come in 2022, those serious about their gaming would agree that you can’t beat a desktop computer for power and flexibility. The majority of gamers have a static gaming station anyway, and gaming PCs offer better heat control when you’ve got some serious power in your setup. They’re also much easier to upgrade with the latest graphics cards, more RAM, or other components.

Here are the best gaming PC deals around right now. We’ve outlined some of the core specs, but as a gamer, you’ll want to check out the graphics hardware each is packing too.

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 3. All-in-one desktop deals

2020 Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display Promo Image

All-in-one desktops have their pros and cons. They can be a great compromise between a cumbersome tower PC and a laptop, saving valuable desk space and being easier to relocate. On the flip side, they lose some of the flexibility in customization that a traditional desktop offers — you’re committed to the display, and modifying the components can be trickier. They’re often very stylish though, and there are plenty of good options for gamers and graphic designers alike.

 4. Monitor deals

Dell P3421W ultrawide monitor 2

Bogdan Petrovan / Android Authority

Whether it’s for work or gaming, you’re likely to be staring at your monitor for hours every day, so it’s well worth ensuring it’s up to scratch. Screen size and picture quality can be game-changing, and you needn’t be constrained to one. If you have the space on your desk and you like to multitask, cross-reference, or just roll a streaming service in the background, adding a second or third monitor to your setup can make a world of difference.

 5. Keyboard deals

Corsair K63 Wireless gaming keyboard

Luke Little / Android Authority

A keyboard may seem like a fairly standard and dull purchase for most people, but you’d be surprised how much upgrading your typing surface can improve your productivity. For gamers, the keyboard is an absolutely vital tool to get the edge over the opponent, especially when it comes to response times.

 6. Mouse deals

ces hyperx pulsefire mouse

What’s true for keyboards is also applicable to mice. Sure, you can just go with the cheapest option if all you’re doing is updating spreadsheets. But if you need smooth precision for your design needs, or you want to ensure you’re quickest on the draw in the heat of an online battle, it’s worth investing a little more.

 7. Other accessory deals

best webcam razer kiyo featured image

There are an endless number of ways you can improve your desktop computer setup. The pandemic has made webcams an absolute essential in the last few years, and while printers aren’t as critical as they used to be, it’s handy to have one nearby. Of course, there’s no point in getting the best desktop PC if you don’t have a pair of epic speakers to pump your favorite tunes.

Here’s a smattering of the best desktop computer deals on a variety of accessories:

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That’s all for the best desktop computer deals for now, but be sure to check back to this page regularly for the latest offers. You might also be interested in these related deal hubs:

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