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Samsung’s huge Black Friday 2022 Early Access sale is here with sweet deals on Galaxy S22, Z Fold 4, and more

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest shopping day of the year has arrived. Wait, no, that can’t be right. It’s only November 11, which means there are still exactly two weeks left until Black Friday 2022.

But that’s certainly not stopping Samsung from taking a page out of Best Buy, Walmart, and Verizon‘s playbooks to turn what was once a day of saving (and hustling, and sweating, and wondering if you’re making the right call, and even fighting) into a season of (mostly) relaxed holiday shopping at some of the best possible prices.
Granted, you will still be left wondering if the world’s largest smartphone vendor has even better deals in the pipeline for November 25 after checking out the following Black Friday Early Access promos available right now (exclusively through the links below), but at least you can start crossing items off your Christmas gift list at substantial discounts if you don’t want to waste any more time.

Get your favorite Galaxy S22-series device at a bargain price

Because we know a lot of commenters tend to take issue with this, let us very clearly specify right off the bat that you can only buy an ultra-affordable S22, S22 Plus, or S22 Ultra with an “eligible” trade-in.

How affordable? Well, the “standard” member of the ultra-high-end handset family released back in February can be yours by November 18 for a measly 325 bucks (and up), while its Plus and Ultra siblings are knocked down to ridiculous starting prices of $350 and $375 respectively.

If you don’t have anything to trade in or you don’t want to jump through this particular hoop, the early Black Friday 2022 discounts are… not the greatest out there, but they’re still pretty good. They’re certainly better than nothing and they also beat what Samsung offered these last couple of weeks on its official US website.
The same essentially goes for the slightly older and lower-end Galaxy S21 FE 5G, which can currently be yours for as little as 250 bucks with a trade-in and $600 without any strings attached.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 are also deeply discounted

How does a $569.99 Galaxy Z Fold 4 powerhouse with a hefty 512 gigs of internal storage space sound? Positively dreamy? Well, you can pinch yourself with absolute confidence right now, as this is most definitely not a dream… for buyers willing to trade in a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or S22 Ultra in “good” condition.
A $209.99 Z Flip 4 5G with 256GB storage probably sounds equally impressive (if not more so), but the $200 unlocked discount with no special conditions is nothing to scoff at either, making the most popular new foldable device of 2022 about as affordable as it’s ever been.

The Z Fold 4, mind you, is pretty “affordable” as well (all things considered) without a trade-in, scoring an absolutely massive and, as far as we can tell, unprecedented $450 markdown in an unlocked variant.

Even more early Black Friday 2022 bargains to be had

Because Samsung is not only the world’s largest smartphone vendor, its best tablets and latest high-end true wireless earbuds are also on special sale before Christmas (and Thanksgiving).
The iPad Pro-rivaling Galaxy Tab S8 series is marked down by up to a whopping 300 bucks (with no strings attached), while the AirPods Pro 2-contending Galaxy Buds 2 Pro can be had at their normal price alongside a complimentary wireless charger. 

If you’re not happy with saving just $200 on a Tab S8 or Tab S8+ or $300 on a state-of-the-art Tab S8 Ultra, you can also try to trade something in for a shot at an “enhanced” credit of up to 500 bucks that can take the smallest and humblest (but still great) member of the Galaxy Tab S8 family down to as little as 80, yes, 80 bucks.

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