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Samsung is copying iOS 16 with latest lock screen customizations

Samsung One UI 4 beta 4

Luke Pollack / Android Authority


  • Samsung seems to be copying Apple’s lock screen customization interface.
  • A comparison shows that the One UI 5 beta lock screen functionality is similar to iOS 16.

Android phones have offered lock screen customizations for a while now, and Samsung is no different. The company has long offered features like different clock styles and colors, widgets, and wallpapers for the lock screen. However, the Korean brand seems to have been inspired by Apple’s iOS 16 with the latest One UI beta.

TechDroider founder Vaibhav Jain compared Samsung’s One UI 5 beta lock screen customizations to Samsung’s own Good Lock customization app as well as iOS 16 (h/t: 9to5Mac). Check out the tweet below.

GoodLock vs Samsung OneUI 5 vs iOS 16

Show me exactly where GoOdlock Did It First 😂

Where’s the Lockscreen Wallpaper Filter Option? From where Samsung copied Long Press to Customise Lockscreen Interface and Wallpaper Picker

The images show that Samsung is offering a visually similar take on lock screen customization, following Apple by offering a long-press on the lock screen to customize it (as opposed to using the settings menu). We also see similar interfaces for the style and colors options as well as the addition of a wallpaper filter option.

Again, it’s worth noting that features like customizable clock styles/colors, widgets, and wallpapers were available on Samsung phones before Apple adopted them. But it’s nevertheless interesting to see the iPhone maker copy the concept and expand on it, only for Samsung to effectively copy the Apple take in turn.

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