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Report: Google wants to double its Pixel sales in 2023

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  • Google reportedly plans to produce over eight million Pixel 7 series phones.
  • That would represent an increase over the Pixel 6 line’s reported figures.
  • It’s believed that Google is aiming to double its smartphone sales for 2023 as well.

Google has requested that over eight million Pixel 7 series phones be produced, sources told Nikkei Asia Review. This doesn’t seem to be a massive leap over last year’s figures, though. But it still represents a steady increase over the already ascendant Pixel 6 phones.

The company reportedly asked suppliers to make over seven million Pixel 6 series phones last year. Either way, the supposed Pixel 7 series production figures would still be a major leap over 2020’s shipments in general, with the IDC claiming that Google only shipped 3.7 million units back then.

Lofty goals powered by additional launches?

However, Google apparently told a few suppliers that it wants to double its smartphone sales for 2023 compared to 2022, two Nikkei sources claimed. So how could the company accomplish this goal if it isn’t purportedly planning to produce far more Pixel 7 units?

Well, Google is also preparing a launch order of four million units for a new budget Pixel phone that will launch “early” next year, the sources added. It’s unclear if this would be the Pixel 7a or something entirely different. For what it’s worth, the Pixel A series usually goes on sale in the second half of the year.

Do you think Google will sell more or fewer phones in 2023?

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We’ve also seen several rumors relating to a Pixel foldable, but Google’s first foldable phone would most likely be a niche affair if it ever sees a commercial release.

Either way, Google is still just a small player when we talk about global shipments. But this latest news suggests that the Pixel maker is confident in its upcoming crop of products and its release strategies.

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