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Poll: Would you trust Google to be your VPN?

The VPN by Google One website.

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Google has offered the VPN by Google One service for a couple of years now, available as a free add-on for Google One customers on 2TB+ plans. Fortunately, the company is now extending this feature to Pixel 7 series owners.

Google confirmed that this VPN service will be free of charge for Pixel 7 series owners when it launches later this year. But do you trust Google to be your VPN provider? Let us know via the poll below.

Would you trust Google to be your VPN provider?

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We can see why you’d want to trust Google in this regard, as the service promises “minimal logging.” Google also said that it open-sourced the client and conducted a third-party audit in order to provide more transparency.

Then again, we can understand if you don’t trust Google with a VPN service. The company makes a ton of money off sniffing up personal data, for one. Then there’s the fact that Google says you can’t change your IP location to view content that isn’t available in your country.

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