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Poll: Are you on your phone during social gatherings?

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David Imel / Android Authority

Smartphone etiquette can be an extremely contentious issue when it comes to technology today, particularly in a social setting. People might have wildly different answers when it comes to using devices in various social situations.

However, we do wonder how many people actually put the phone down during social gatherings. So we put together a poll to find this out. You can take the poll below and leave a comment if you have more to share.

Are you on your phone during social gatherings?

53 votes

It makes sense to put your phone away during social gatherings, giving your undivided attention to the people around you. But we can also understand if you pull your phone out when no-one is talking to you.

Some people might also use their phone to simply avoid conversations in the first place. We’re guessing these people might suffer from social anxiety or that they might be neurodivergent in some way. Then again, some people who use their phones to avoid conversations simply might not like their present company or might be introverted.

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