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Hidden Samsung deal makes the Galaxy Tab S8+ incredibly affordable sans trade-in

Just in case Samsung didn’t already convince you to stock up on cool Christmas gifts for yourself and all your mobile tech-loving friends and family members with its extensive Black Friday 2022 Early Access sale (available while supplies last), a somewhat random and absolutely phenomenal new deal appears to have been silently added to the list.

This doesn’t require a device trade-in or any other hoop-jumping and can save you a grand total of 550 bucks (!!!) on the early 2022-released Galaxy Tab S8+ powerhouse bundled with one or two accessories of your choice.
We’re talking about an incredibly deep $400 price cut knocking the entry-level 128GB storage/8GB RAM configuration of the Tab S8 Plus down to just $499.99 with no questions asked, as well as an extra $150 “Samsung Credit eCertificate”… that you unfortunately need to use in the same transaction.
The awesome thing about the credit is that it applies to the current prices of all of Samsung‘s accessories, which means you can spend (a little over) five Benjamins at the time of this writing on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-powered Galaxy Tab S8+ with a large and silky smooth 120Hz Super AMOLED display in tow, as well as a nice pair of noise-cancelling Galaxy Buds 2and a handy protective standing cover for your new 12.4-inch slate.

The “use-it-or-lose-it” $150 credit can only get you complimentary or deeply discounted accessories, which sounds a bit restrictive… until you realize that tablets and smartwatches are classified as accessories for the purposes of this promotion in addition to true wireless earbuds.

The key restriction you need to consider is the color of your ultra-affordable Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, which has to be pink gold for some reason. The other flavors, as well as the other storage variants and the vanilla Tab S8 and Tab S8 Ultra are all on sale at only up to a $300 discount, which is what Samsung is advertising at the top of the family’s webpage. 

As such, we’re fairly certain this completely unprecedented, absolutely irresistible, and minimally advertised pink gold Tab S8+ deal will go away extremely soon, which obviously means you should look to pull the trigger immediately if you’re interested in an ultra-high-end Android tablet at a decidedly mid-range price.

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