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Google Pixel 7 Pro could be just as hard to fix as 6 Pro, according to device teardown

There’s been a concerted effort by major smartphone manufacturers to make their phones easier to repair, but it appears Google’s new Pixel 7 Pro might fly in the face of that trend.

YouTuber PBKreviews managed to get his hands on a Pixel 7 Pro (opens in new tab) before its October 13 release date and with a set of phone repair tools, tore the device down to its individual parts. He’s well-known for doing this to other smartphones as a way of reviewing their repairability. His process involves prying open the screen with a pick, and at one point, using isopropyl alcohol to eat away at the glue holding the battery in place. Admittedly, it’s rather fascinating to see the inner workings of the phone on full display. 

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